Outdoor Bars

With experience in building outdoor bars in Los Angeles, California, our company can create a heavenly place at your backyard too. Since there’s nearly no limits to the outdoor bar designs and the ways such structures can be used, all needs are covered. Are you remodeling your kitchen and want to create an outdoor bar? Are you planning to have an outdoor kitchen built and would like to have a bar too? Or, is there’s not enough space for a whole kitchen and you simply want an outdoor bar to give your family the opportunity to spend some time in the backyard?

Whatever you need and whatever you dream, Outdoor Oasis makes it happen.

Great designs & ideas for outdoor bars in Los Angeles

Outdoor Bars Los AngelesCome to us if you like the idea of outdoor bars. Los Angeles is an excellent place for such structures and we are masters of transforming outdoor spaces, making them neat, convenient, functional. The possibilities of outdoor bars are plenty if you can consider that they can be combined with an outdoor kitchen or stand alone. By definition, bars are taller and narrower than kitchen countertops. When combined with an outdoor kitchen, they offer extra space to lean on, place drinks, create a buffet, talk with friends.

Then again, the bar may be attached to the kitchen counter, creating extra space – only taller than the counter, to also hide the mess of prepping food. Whatever you have in mind – or even if you don’t have a particular design in mind, the expertise of an outdoor bars builder is mandatory. That’s if you want a solid structure, which will last for long and make a difference. And our team is your best choice.

Custom outdoor kitchen bar solutions

Aware that not all backyards are the same and not all tastes & needs are the same, we offer custom outdoor kitchen bar solutions. Our first priority is to discuss your wants, intentions, needs, and budget limits with you, check your property, measure – take all the steps needed to provide the best solutions for you. The size and the shape of the backyard will affect the size and shape of the outdoor kitchen bar. Then it will depend on whether you want just a bar or a kitchen too.

We handle everything, from the design to the outdoor bar building

Don’t you worry! There are solutions for all backyards. We never run out of ideas – design-wise, while we have experience with all materials. Everything, from the initial measurements and the inspection to the design, building and installation, is done by our team. So, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Why should you? One call to our team, and you can easily get an estimate and answers to all your questions about outdoor bars in Los Angeles. And if you finally assign your project to us, it won’t be long before you’ll enjoy your very own outdoor bar too.